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  • Euro MENA recruitment TeamEuro MENA recruitment Team will have a special recruitment activity for Nurses at the ILOILO CITY PESO Office on May 26 (Monday) and at DAVAO CITY PESO Office on May 28 (Wednesday) from 9am until 5pm. Come and see us!

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  • Qualities That Make a Great Nurse Here are the qualities that are important for individuals wanting to become a great nurse: 1. Nurses 6Cs Care Compassion Competence Communication Courage Commitment 2. People Skills Happy to work as part of a team Emotional stability to deal with sensitive situations Empathy and ability to sympathetically deal with patients’ problems and fears Ability to put people at their ease and gain their confidence Ability to answer questions and offer advice 3. Personal Skills Professionalism Good communication and observation skills Ability to think and act under extreme stress Flexibility, problem solving skills and good attention to detail Physical endurance and quick response Respect Do you have what it takes to be a great nurse?